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Initial Brief

Create a new brand, or leverage the Pampers brand, to bring a new line of products (products, treatments and/or screening tools) that offer at-home care for babies’ common symptoms and changing life stage needs.  

Reframed Direction

Create an at-home solution and supporting brand that is catered to parents understanding and managing their child’s state of health for:

  • First-time parents with 1-4 year old child

  • Showing common and minor symptoms

How might we reduce the anxiety that parents feel and simplify decision-making in managing their infant's symptoms of acute illness?

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Managing Infant Health Through

Wellness, Not Illness

Proctor & Gamble Ventures presented team the task of improving the at-home experience of diagnosing babies' common symptoms. 


For new parents, managing infant healthcare doesn't just present a stressful challenge but also a continuous learning curve by which they find personal workarounds for measuring and assessing their child's state of health through their own personal as well as trusted professional experience. Scout is an at-home solution for new parents to better diagnose and manage their infant's health over time of illness.

The details of this project are under NDA with Proctor & Gamble, due to which I've blurred particular pieces of this page.

Intersect CPG: Innovative Business Model , Northwestern University Winter 2019

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a solution for parents to self-manage

your infant's health from home

Leveraging key insights about how parents perceive and evaluate their infant's state of health at any point in time, my team conceptualized Scout.

Scout is an integrated solution consisting of a discreet monitor with replaceable sensor cartridges and a paired native mobile app that empowers new parents to confidently assess, monitor, and react to their young infant's state of health through simple, informative biometric readings.


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Project details under NDA





We conducted multiple in-home visits and interviewed parents with young infants about their habits with diagnosing and treating common baby symptoms. We examined the parents' behaviors with various direct and indirect infant health products to gain an expansive understanding of existing solutions and workarounds.


By gathering all of our learnings from the home visits as well as market research on competitor products and solutions, we categorized our findings into common themes such as behaviors, routines, desires, and pain points. We developed user personas and behavioral frameworks through journey mapping to understand  how parents make decisions regarding their infants' state of health.


With a focused problem scope and a set of defined design principles, we generated an extensive range of potential solutions by drawing from tech capabilities, user desires and needs and the business constraints of Proctor & Gamble Ventures. We extended our ideas beyond physical product to digital experience and extended service to really explore a product ecosystem.


After narrowing down concepts to a pool of viable, feasible and desirable options, we built variations of prototypes ranging from low-fidelity to quickly learn from to mid-fidelity to gain further understanding from. Prototypes consisted of foam core models, clay models, fabric models, illustrations, wireframes, and interactive digital mockups.




Through central site visits where consumers were invited to a studio space to test and provide feedback on rounds on prototypes, we tested first-time interactions and thoughts on new product solutions to diagnosing infant syndromes. We used methods such as card sorting, ranking, co-creation, A/B testing, and contextual simulation. 



With feedback from consumers about their financial costs with infant healthcare, we explored differentiating our product over the market by introducing it through a novel business model that would be desirable and suitable for parents of new infants. We considered partnerships with existing distribution channels that have the instinctive trust of parents when it comes to infant healthcare.


We explored how best to place our solution in the market and appeal to parents who were already  overwhelmed by the choices available to them.  Understanding that trust played a vital role in the decisions parents make about their infants' health, we devised a brand strategy leveraging one of Proctor & Gamble's core and trusted infant care brands as the owner of our solution.
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Throughout the project, we conducted in-depth and immersive consumer research through a variety of methods to gain insight into behaviors that affect product interaction. We drove all of our design decisions through our continuous research.

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We gained a true and closer understanding of new parent behavior by devising frameworks to connect the external stakeholders that play a role in infant healthcare. Frameworks allowed us to categorize behaviors  and produce insights.

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As a team with diverse skills and backgrounds, we faced the challenge of translating ideas across each discipline. We drew from each other's strengths to approach tasks in consumer research, concept generation, prototyping, product testing, and branding.

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Business models

We explored various innovative business models to support our product viability in the market by balancing the financial expectations of the consumer with the modern standards of the at-home infant healthcare products.

The Team


Engineering Design Innovation


Kent Van Horen

Business & Design Innovation


Aniké Owoye

Integrated Marketing & Communications


Alexandre Wedmore

Business Administration

Scout - See More

Consumer Research

Project details under NDA

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Project details under NDA

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Research Frameworks

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Project details under NDA

Insights to Opportunities

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Project details under NDA


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Project details under NDA

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Value Model

Project details under NDA

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Brand Strategy

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Project details under NDA

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