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Bringing innovation to life through

strategy, design, and engineering.


Combining service design methodologies with a strategic business acumen enables me to balance the interplay between the customer, the business, and the market in order to apply unique insights and new knowledge to help organizations find new and innovative ways to meet their goals and develop solutions that truly resonate with people.


Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative research skills allows me to gather and analyze data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing my clients. My ability to synthesize complex data sets and present findings in a compelling narrative empowers my clients to make data-informed decisions.


By clearly defining goals, directing cross-functional teams, and effectively communicating with stakeholders, I have honed my ability to ensure projects stay on track and deliver maximum value. Embracing a leadership mindset has empowered met to anticipate and take ownership of obstacles while proactively seeking solutions that unlock creative confidence.

HUMan-CENTERED Consulting

Incorporating a human-centered approach allows me to elevate my impact and deliver more meaningful outcomes for my clients. By applying foresight and empathy to balance the needs of my project with the motivations of the people I work with, I am able to  strengthen my relationships with clients and build trust early and often.

CLIEnT ENgagements

Innovation Pipeline for Food & Beverage CPG

Through a rapid seven-week sprint we collaborated closely with an industry leading client to help them identify key value drivers throughout the supply chain that would reinvigorate the brand across stakeholders, customers, and consumers.

Ultimately we delivered a strategic platform with innovative concepts that would activate renewed opportunities in the market.


Omni-Channel Retail for Recreational CPG

In order to grow e-commerce sales and capture valuable customers, we helped this client to define a pilot retail experience with omni-channel touchpoints. By conducting competitive and consumer research to uncover purchasing motivations and validating value propositions to prioritize key features for launch, we produced a go-to-market strategy to activate the program.

E2E Customer Experience 

for Health Tech Wearable

In order to set up this client for success in launching their product in a new market while instilling consumer trust in their brand, we conducted an audit and integrated diary study of the end-to-end purchasing journey and delivered data-driven strategic recommendations that would unlock exceptional customer experience across digital, physical, and service-based touchpoints.

Web Developers Team

Viral Growth Strategy for SaaS Product

By aligning a group of cross-functional stakeholders to a common understanding of a key growth strategy and equipping them with best-in-class practices from competitive players, we guided this engineering-led client through customer-centric thinking to empower them to deliver clear, compelling, and differentiated value to their users. In facilitating a co-creation workshop, we enabled this client to brainstorm and prioritize actionable steps to drive widespread growth for their product.

B2B Customer Experience for Industrial Manufacturing

In order to become the industry preferred vendor, this client sought to understand how to maximize their brand value to customers. We conducted stakeholder interviews to map the motivations, needs, and market perceptions of their customers and defined areas of opportunity to inform internal decision-making that would invest resources to optimize the b2b customer experience.


Translating Insights into Action to

Create Impact and Realize Value

As a propelland Strategist, I have helped clients discover, design, prototype, and launch new businesses, products, services, and experiences by applying my design thinking expertise to translate behavioral insights and market understanding into viable business opportunities. I continuously contribute a strategic perspective through my multi-disciplinary background to create seamless consumer experiences by successfully identifying and managing tradeoffs between business and user needs. I advocate for both client and user needs in delivering solutions backed up by a compelling business case and informed by market and human insights, to realize untapped value for clients.

propelland, Sept 2021 - present

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