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The customer advocate center is inundated with high call volumes due to customers calling in to resolve minor issues regarding their loan. Customers are unable to address these issues themselves due to the limited functionality of the customer portal.

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How might we...

empower customers to self-service common issues through the customer portal?

An Enhanced Customer Portal to Promote Self-Service Capabilities

Active loan customers have to call in to OppLoans to address issues like making changes to their personal information on file, get status updates on repayments made on their loan, learn how additional repayments made affect their overall loan 

By adding functionality to the customer portal through key self-service features, OppLoans can offer customers more ownership of their active installment loan and repayments by allowing customers to address issues regarding changes to personal information, making additional payments, 

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Increased Transparency

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Informed Status Updates

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Streamlined Task Flows

Key features:

  • Visualized goal tracking

  • Activity

  • Personal information 

  • Loan repayment calculator

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By refining existing features, building additional capabilities that address common customer concerns, and providing improved navigation in the customer portal, OppLoans can reduce call volumes and better serve its customers' needs.

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OppLoans offers installment loans to the under-served sub-prime financial population that cannot access mainstream financial services. With increased growth in business, a limited customer portal with minimal functionality, and rising customer service call volumes, I was presented the opportunity to redesign and enhance the customer portal to offer self-service capabilities.

Through a summer internship as the first UX role at OppLoans, I identified opportunities to address key customer pain points and reduce contact rate by offering self-service through the customer portal.

UX Internship, OppLoans (Opportunity Financial), Summer 2019

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Through multiple rounds of user interviews and testing, I actively sought to synthesize my observations into key insights and takeaways by leveraging frameworks such as journey maps, empathy maps, experience flows, and semantic profiles. These frameworks helped guide formation of design characteristics for a solution.

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UX Prototyping

Over the course of my internship, I iterated on designs for the enhanced customer portal with 

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In pitching my finalized design for the enhanced customer portal to key leadership stakeholders, I leveraged my storytelling skills to emphasize customer pain points that could be addressed through self-service capabilities and customer advocate 

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Consulting for a startup with an early-stage offering and very little direction to work off, I was presented with a high level of ambiguity. Despite this, I focused on the core constraints and goals to guide the project. As the project progressed, I gained more confidence in driving design decisions by quickly executing and learning.






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