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Simplifying the Paid Parking Experience

Improving the User Experience of a
Chicago Parking Meter

Users both new and experienced to paying to park in the city go through the frustrating ordeal of figuring out where to start and what to expect when interacting with a parking meter. This occurs due to a cluttered layout of instructions and points of interaction as well as an overall poor mechanical design of the kiosk.

With this project, I tackled the challenge of improving the user experience of a parking meter with the constraint of  maintaining the mechanical design and electrical layout.

Intro to Communication Design I, IIT Institute of Design, Fall 2017

Current Journey




Strategy for UX

  • Create a visual flow of user interaction that adapts to the layout of the kiosk.


  • Highlight important parking conditions by drawing attention to icons.

  • Use color dimensioning as a hierarchy system to indicate sequence of instructions (reinforced by numbers to accommodate visual accessibility).

  • Visually draw attention to critical points of physical interaction e.g. payment inserts and receipt port.

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