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A Modular Toolbox for

Your Favorite Building Blocks

While Lego blocks and pieces themselves are incredibly modular and come in many sizes, shapes and colors, there is a gap in the market in organizational storage options for these pieces for use by children and playful adults.

Given the challenge of designing a niche toolbox using aluminum as the central material of build, sought to look into how lego pieces are used for creative play and prototyping by adult hobbyists. I decided to explore the forms which could both encourage and foster productive play.

Intro to Product Design II, IIT Institute of Design, Spring 2018

How might we foster 
organized and creative play
for adult lego hobbyists?

Blox Hero

For the adults of us who are still children at heart,
Blox is a modular Lego toolbox to store, organize, and directly build with the desired pieces at hand. 


Set up section dividers with Lego pieces and easily modify to your convenience as often as needed.


Organize pieces by color, shape, size, type, or any other preference that lets you to build the way you want to.

Group 3.png

Put together and exhibit your creations right on top of Blox using the Lego mat lid as a platform.


Designed for sharing and swapping different sets with others
for ongoing, iterative play.


With the intention to explore how to foster play by form, I initially prototyped different sizes and layouts for a Lego toolbox using foam core.
I chose to design in the shape of a box to emulate the feel of the Lego blocks themselves.
To offer users the ability to build their creations onto the toolbox itself, I decided to incorporate the Lego play mat onto the Blox.
Blox Prototype1
Blox Prototype1
Blox Prototype2


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